February 29, 2024

Allen Pike On Doing Once a Month

Allen Pike:

This is true, in my experience. I would say, further: the best way to start actually doing something is to try doing it once a month.

While monthly is not frequent enough for most work habits, it can be unreasonably effective when the activity is atelic — that is, for its own sake. Something you enjoy and find worthwhile, but don’t yet do regularly.

He has some great examples that go beyond writing, really made me think.

However, it also brought me to writing on this blog, for which a quick data dump and visualization showed:

5typos.net posts by month5typos.net posts by month

I can see my children being born, getting married and international moves in the data. But overall, not terrible — and a nice upward trend. Also fun to look at the posts by year:

5typos.net posts by year5typos.net posts by year


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