March 1, 2024

Ming-Chi Kuo on Color Kindles and reMarkable3

郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo), on Medium:

Amazon (the world’s largest e-reader brand) will likely use E Ink’s color e-paper, Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), starting in 2025 and launch about 7” and 10” color Kindle e-readers.

Demos for the ACeP technology are very impressive — but looked very R&Dish 2 years ago. If Amazon is taking it to Kindle, it must be ready for prime-time.

The main drivers of shipments will be the launch of new color e-reader models by Kobo (mass production in 1Q24) and reMarkable (mass production in 3Q24). It is worth noting that reMarkable will also adopt about 12” ACeP color e-paper with a high unit price.

Some nice spoilers here regarding reMarkable3. My frustration with the remarkable2 are less with regards to the hardware, and mostly with the software. But I can see the appeal of the color version, specially if they keep it as thin.

The market share of color e-readers will increase significantly in 2024, being one of the main reasons why Amazon will aggressively use color e-paper in 2025.

W00t, there’s something very PalmPilot about this category, and I’m happy that it’s not going the way of the MP3 player, but finding the niche were it can grow.


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