March 13, 2024

iPulse for iOS Released

Craig Hockenberry, on Iconfactory Blog:

An app that can monitor your device is a great thing to have when you need it, but can get in the way when you don’t. On iOS we solved this problem by using Picture in Picture technology. iPulse for iOS/iPadOS literally creates a movie of what’s going on inside your device and updates it every second. You can resize the display to fit well on your screen, or slide it out of the way completely. We were careful to use minimal system resources, such as CPU (3% usage) and memory (only 1 MB in size), while making the video.

Sweet solution to use a PiP movie to display stats. In the Apple Silicone era, I’ve almost never need to question where my resources are going, so almost never open iPulse for Mac anymore. Still, this was an instabuy. Some interesting stats, but it did seem to give me an incorrect storage number.


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