March 17, 2024

Neato Blogging Platform Coming in Summer

Adam Newbold, on

I’ve finally landed on one, I can announce that Neato will launch this summer. I’ve been working on content management and publishing systems for nearly three decades, both personally and professionally, and this feels like the right time to finally take what I’ve learned and direct it into a single awesome thing. Neato will be a standalone service, but it’ll also be available as part of Web 1 Land and (where it will power just about everything from profile pages to statuslog entries). I am really excited about it.

Will be reloading Neato to check it out. This blog is still hosted on blot, which works perfectly for me, but… I’m still wish for a theme design update for it.

My workflow is still based on Obsidian and markdown files, and it will take something amazing to move me away from it. Still, I’m excited about this new wave of blog engines: Pika, Gibberish, etc.


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