March 27, 2024

Casey Liss On Using Tailscale as a Better VPN

Casey Liss, on Liss is More:

Tailscale is a mesh network of all your devices. Each device that is running Tailscale is on your Tailnet”; every device in your Tailnet can talk to any other device on your Tailnet. This all works by way of fairly common VPN softwareextremely clever tricks for poking holes in firewalls, and relay fallbacks when no other approach works.

The net effect is that I’m always able to connect to my Synology. Or my Mac mini. Or my ridiculous assortment of Raspberry Pis. And so on. I can also always connect to my Linode nanode that runs this website. Or a Digital Ocean droplet. I can access any of these devices no matter what network I’m on, and no matter what network the device I’m targeting is on.

Great post. I’m not in a place where I’m ready to rethink my devices networking — they just (barely) work™, and I don’t have time to play with it if I break it. But keeping this in mind for summer time project.


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