March 6, 2024

FDA Clears Over-the-Counter Continuous Glucose Monitor

Office of the Commissioner, on FDA:

The Stelo Glucose Biosensor System uses a wearable sensor, paired with an application installed on a user’s smartphone or other smart device, to continuously measure, record, analyze and display glucose values in people 18 years and older that are not on insulin and who do not have problematic hypoglycemia. Users can wear each sensor up to 15 days before replacing with a new sensor. The device presents blood glucose measurements and trends every 15 minutes in the accompanying app.

On Amazon Pharmacy, a month of Dexcom G7 Sensor/Transmitter shows as $50 with insurance and $377 without. Once the monthly price gets to $100, this is something we’re considering testing on our household.

I hope this is something the Apple Watch will have eventually, but it’s likely a long way off.


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