May 13, 2024

Castro Podcast App is Alive and Well

Dustin Bluck on, on

Just wanted to give a quick recap of what we’ve been up to with Castro since acquiring the company.

  • I was on an episode of The Changelog. If you have any questions about the acquisition, this will probably answer it.
  • I did a Reddit AMA for /r/podcasts.

I had a whole draft post about Castro’s owner and his clarity of vision for the app and what makes Castro special. But Dustin went ahead today and posted a great summary of what he talked about in Changelog and on Reddit.

Consider me convinced. I went ahead and renewed my subscription, which I had canceled when all seemed lost last year. I’m very excited about what Castro will offer in the future, likely iterative upgrades with a clear understanding that it just needs to work.

Some smaller features people have been asking about that I can promise we are working on and will come out in the next couple of updates:

  • Chapters in Carplay
  • Large Interactive / Queue Widget
  • Skip outro options
  • Clickable timestamps in show notes
  • Better episode artwork support

You had me at Chapters in Carplay Dustin.


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