May 19, 2024

Tidbits for 2024 Week 20

Hello humans of the web. A fun week for Ai, after which I’m more confused of who is the underdog. Amazing news if you use iA Writer and Dropbox. I’m also excited with yet-another eink(ish) tablet coming out this week. Closing the weekend by playing a retro games on the Apple TV with the kids. And with that, here’s some links:

  • ‎Deadlines: ‎iOS widgets that countdown with advanced filters based on Calendar Events and Reminders. Simple and very powerful. New addition to my homescreen.

  • Passage of Time: another iOS widget that shows… the passage of time. Face your mortality, days until a vacation and more.

  • ‎Lex.Games: Daily Word Games: ‎multiple daily word games to play with, rather than doom scrolling. I’m really bad at these, but the developer is a nice person.

  • Bebop: Quick Notes: Very pretty notes capture app, compatible with infinite workflows.


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