May 21, 2024

Dustin Curtis Thoughts on Vision Pro

Dustin Curtis on Svbtle:

Microsoft had made a $10,000 table for no one, and Apple made a $499 tablet for everyone. […] Apple Vision Pro, however, is different. Yes, it is an undeniably beautiful product, and the software is very impressive. When I first used it, I was overcome with a sense of awe that I haven’t felt since seeing kinetic scrolling on the first iPhone. But Vision Pro costs nearly $4,000 and has enough faults that it still feels a bit like a technology demo. It is not affordable at all, and it brings nothing to the masses.

We could argue that — similarly to the iPhone — the Apple Vision Pro is not replacing a $2000 device but $4000 worth of devices. But that doesn’t ring true. My most exciting use-case, still requires a Mac.

I don’t think Vision Pro was designed against reasonable constraints. If the goal was to make the equivalent of the iPod in a sea of mediocre MP3 players, Vision Pro hasn’t succeeded. It isn’t a disruptive VR headset because it isn’t even in the same market as its competitors, the majority of which are ten times cheaper.

This is such a brilliant take. No one is saying that Vision Pro isn’t an amazing piece of technology. It’s just that… an amazing tech demo for now.


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