May 26, 2024

Tidbits for 2024 Week 21

Evening tech racers. Hope some of you are enjoying a long weekend, and the rest are ready for Monday. We got great new Windows laptops this week, I’m not switching, but a worried Apple is always good news. My rabbit hole this week has been cases the convert an Apple Watch to an iPod like device, or a R1 like one - I shall have one.

Here’s a couple of apps to try this week. Stay safe and keep your battery charged.

  • QuickRecorder: free screen recorder for macOS that uses ScreenCapture Kit API, so you know there’s no funny business.

  • QuickTune 7 for macOS: Control Apple Music playback with an amazing reproduction of QuickTime 7. Beautiful.

  • How We Feel: great free iOS app to keep track of your emotions and over time spot patterns.

  • ‎Fover: ‎interesting new macOS app to move file and folders quickly. Just needs keyboard integration, but will be using it next few weeks.


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