May 29, 2024

On Clean Installing macOS in 2024

I upgraded my work laptop from an M2 MacBook Air 13-inch with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD to a model with 24GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. I used a solo weekend to perform a clean setup without using the migration assistant. It’s been a long time since I did a fresh install, but it took me about a month to get everything configured the way I wanted, minus a lot of unnecessary clutter.

Here’s a list my must-have apps:


  • Core:
    • 1Password 8: used to love it, now I just appreciate it.
    • Arc: I’ve drank the Kool-Aid. A browser with great design and cool ideas.
    • Drafts: my scratch-pad, since forever.
    • Ivory: I need my tweetbot. Doesn’t matter the social network.
    • Obsidian: where most of my work starts and ends.
    • Peek: quick look anything.
    • Raycast : App launcher, clipboard viewer, screenshot search, snippet expander, etc.
    • Soulver 3: the only way to calculate anything.
    • Sublime Text 4: Photoshop for Text.
    • Tembo: find a needle in your haystack.
    • Things: old faithful task manager.
  • Work
  • AI
    • BoltAI: OpenAI, Claude, Gemeni API wrapper. Super cost-effective way to access Chatbots.
    • superwhisper: amazing dictation/transcription solution.
  • Utilities
    • Applite: Install many apps outside the AppStore cleanly.
    • Bartender: bring order to the Menu Bar.
    • BetterDisplay : suffer less without a Studio Display at the office.
    • Calibre: ePubs happen.
    • Itsycal & Calendr : going back and forward. I miss Fantastical, but disappointed with its business features.
    • Karabiner-Elements: hyperkey superpower.
    • KeepingYouAwake: sometimes you need to keep Mac awake.
    • Maestral : Dropbox like its 2009, when we were happy and didn’t know it.
    • Moom & Rectangle & Wins : back and forward between all.
    • Shottr: screenshot app I like. Just works for me.
    • Velja: default browser with rules and easy switching.
    • Yoink: too many windows open, where are you going to place that file punk?

Application Settings

System Settings

System Setting Value
Show window title icons Toggle On
Reduce transparency Toggle On
Spelling and prediction / Correct spelling automatically Toggle Off
Spelling and prediction / Capitalize words automatically Toggle Off
Spelling and prediction / Show inline predictive text Toggle Off
Spelling and prediction / Add period with double-space Toggle Off
Hot Corner Shortcuts remove Quick Note
Force click /Force Click and haptic feedback Toggle Off
Sound volume /Play feedback when volume is changed Toggle On


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