May 4, 2024

The Kobo Libra Colour Positive Review

Andy Nicolaides, on

If there’s one thing that’ll take me out of my slump of not posting, it’s a fun new gadget and the Kobo Libra Colour certainly fits the bill there. If you’re after a TL;DR for this post, here it is: I love this device. If that’s a little too succinct for you, please read on dear reader.

There’s a few reviews going around complaining about the color screen, saying that it does considerably reduce the brightness of it, so I enjoyed this review from former Kindle user who loves it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the technical specs that we forget that real people have a different tolerance for the trade-offs of new technologies.

Getting books onto the device really couldn’t be easier. You can, of course, download your Kobo library directly from the main interface. If you have external books, however, these are also a breeze to get on there. If you connect your Dropbox or Google Drive account it will automatically create a new folder for you to drop your books into and they are available almost instantly. You can also upload books from Calibre, on a PC or Mac, equally as quickly.

This ability to upload EPUBs is a great feature which Kindle has no equivalent. Sadly, books that are uploaded this way do not sync to their iOS app. I rarely read on my phone something that I started on my eReader, but the few times I want to, the feature is invaluable.


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