May 5, 2024

Tidbits for 2024 Week 18

They’re back! The weekly tidbits I mean. After about a year I’m planning to start publishing again regularly. The good news is that I never stopped collecting links, so I have a good backlog to help me get back in the habit.

I went back to basics with Apps this week, see you next Sunday for more.

  • ‎Supercopy for Safari:  ‎macOS, iOS/iPadOS, and visionOS extension that adds ⌘+⇧+C keyboard shortcut for copying the current tab’s URL to the clipboard. If you use Arc as one of your browsers, you need this for sanity.

  • Tusks:  Write, update & organise threads on mastodon.

  • DropScout:  Amazon price alerts from your device. Loving this app as we get into summer sales season. Use it as a wishlist and figure out if a sale price is real.

  • Folderizer:  macOS folder icon replacement app. I have a bunch of similar apps, but this one makes it extra easy. Sadly OneDrive’s folder changes don’t survive to other platforms, but great on the desktop.

  • Quotify:  iOS quotes organizer with widgets and easy import. A good alternative if you miss the venerable Quotebook. I now use Readwise, but Quotify design is so much nicer.

  • ‎Twodo:  ‎iOS app with 2 lists: Sooner” and Later”. Simple and private.


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