June 2, 2024

Tidbits for 2024 Week 22

Evening fellow humans. Very long work week, so didn’t have a lot of browsing around time. Was pissed Spotify was bricking the CarThing, now it seems we’ll get a a refund. Just one week till WWDC, my Super Bowl. Here’s some links:

  • Folder Colorizer: yet another Mac folder colorizer. It helps my procrastination to setup project folders. That’s my thing. Don’t be like me.

  • PlayCover: run iOS apps and games natively with keymapping on Apple Silicon Macs. Haven’t tried it, but I think it’ll come in useful someday.

  • Nomad Tracking Card: once my Chipolo or Aircard battery runs, I’ll look at this rechargeable option.

  • ‎Dumbify: ‎yet another iOS minimalist Home Screen launcher.

  • ‎BMBX: ‎iOS beautifully designed streaming radio app.


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