June 21, 2024

AI Apps for June 2024

I’m enjoying the AI app ecosystem. Feels like the early days that it is, with lots of apps coming out each month. Most of these allow you to connect directly to APIs — and I’ll argue these are the only ones to consider1. Using your own API keys is a significant cost saving. It also makes it very easy to play and compare the different models.

The apps I’m using this month are:

BoltAI for Mac

BoltAI supports OpenAI, Anthropic, Azure AI Service, OpenRouter, Mistral, Groq and local LLMs.

It has Al Inline functionality, but I mostly use the Chat Ul and Al Command (select text and send to app with some prompt).

Pal Chat on iOS Pal Chat also supports basically all cloud models — or local ones hosted on the cloud.

It only has a chat interface — no conversational OpenAI ChatGPT. But right now, it’s good enough for what I use AI for on my phone.

Right now I’m spending less than $5 a month across mobile and desktop. Even when you factor-in the cost of the apps themselves ($30 and free), it’s much less than the $40 a month of just using OpenAI and Anthropic.

  1. Otherwise they’re basically sharing an API key with many users, and that makes me uncomfortable.↩︎

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