June 30, 2024

Tidbits for 2024 Week 26

Summer is here. Hurricanes say so. Your favorite developers are head down working on new OS versions. But we must do with what we have. Here’s some links to keep us dry in the meantime:

  • Squoosh: web image optimizer to compress and compare images with different codecs from the browser.

  • 🎶 Rocola: lightweight macOS app that plays ambient sounds from the Menubar.

  • Cursorcerer: macOS app to hide your cursor. Happily I’m not in a place that the mouse showing bothers me, but good to have around.

  • FUTO Keyboard: interesting (and very alpha) Android keyboard. Would try it for sure of available on iOS.

  • Fluid for Mac: local model (Llama and whisper) AI assistant. Good option if you’re on the paranoid side. Will keep an eye on it.


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