June 9, 2024

Wishlist for WWDC 2024

Always enjoy the previous days to WWDC, listening to takes and predictions. I think it’s going to be a particularly good event this year. While I don’t think they’ll be anything revolutionary, getting to hear what’s Apple play in this new AI buzzword era will be significant.

Hence my wishlist is more about paper cuts, rather than huge features:

  • Multi-language transcription. Whisper does it a amazingly well, it’s time for Apple’s local framework to catch-up.

  • Stage Manager iteration. Rollover from last year. Give me keyboard shortcuts, and more abilities to setup my groups. Or, open it up for developers to take a stab at it. Of course, all this for Mac, who knows if BambiPadOS will grow up this year?

  • iCloud Drive API: I’d like blot to be able to use my iCloud files, or have someone write an Obsidian plugin. Jobs said Dropbox was a feature 15 years ago, please match its features then.

That’s about it. Still hoping for iOS clipboard history and improved macOS notifications — maybe both are something Apple Intelligence can provide a particular spin.

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