Hola, my name is Roberto Mateu and this is opinionated corner on the web. While delusions of grandeur have existed with my blog, I write mostly to figure out what I really think about things I’m passionate about. Over at my microblog I’m moving every social network post that I can.

My Favorite Posts


I’m a functional Apple fanboi. A 2015 13in MacBook Pro is my work driver. In an effort to separate work from home, I bought an used 2016 12in MacBook (8Gb/512GB) Space Grey last November. It’s great little machine.

A black iPhone XS 256gb replaced a Black iPhone 7 in October. I’m using the . And since December 2017, the AirPods are always on my left pocket.

Mi night-stand has a Kindle Voyage which I use every night, a 2017 iPad Pro sit next to it as my home computer. At work and old iPad Mini 2 is my reading and conference call device. The balance between the MacBook, iPad Pro and Kindle for travel is as unstable as the three-body problem.

My work bag is a black Waterfields Bolt briefcase, and my backpack for travel and everything else is a Goruck GR1.

I use Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 for work. They have survived two hears of daily user, but the bluetooth with the MacBook Pro is very terrible.

My Mac software toolkit includes: 1Password, LaunchBar Alfred, Sublime Text, Things, Dropbox iCloud, Ulysses Apple Notes, Tweetbot, Reeder, Pastebot, Better, DayOne, Opera, Arq and (shhhh…don’t tell anybody) Undercover.

For iOS, my home-screen shows: 1Password, Castro, Audible, Google Maps Waze, Bound, Scanbot, Carbo, Day One, Pinner, Trello Things, Slack, WhatsApp, Fantastical, Google Inbox, Instapaper, Working Copy, Nest, Google Play Music Spotify, .

On the web I live on Google Inbox/Gmail, Github Issues, Trello, Opera for work and Safari for personal browsing. I head to Morning Reader as soon as I wake up, and refresh Hacker News a lot more than I care to admit. The Verge informs my opinion, and The Wirecutter influences my analog purchases.

Last updated 2019-03-12.