All New Theme, Same Old Me

Hopefully you noticed the shinny new theme. Let’s quickly get out of the way that it’s called Pierre and made by the very talented @mikedidthis.

After trying to update the previous for 3 months, I gave up and did what any calm and mature person would do: decided to switch to

Don’t go check the source just yet, we’re still on tumblr. And while I may switch soon, it has to be after writing and posting more — why can’t I have regular crazy voices in my head rather than productivity obsessed ones?

But the voices didn’t say anything about getting a new theme, just like when you buy a pretty dress in a smaller size to force yourself to loose weight… no, wait, I meant to say shoes. That actually makes even less sense.

Awkward childish humor aside, I really love the new design and I’m going to try to make it justice with more content. Please note I’m talking about volume, not quality.

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