March 22, 2009

All of this has happened before, and I will watch it again

Although Battlestar Galactica’s final episode turned out a little too religious for my taste, I still enjoyed it immensely. All in all, the writers managed to create one of those universes that I’ll miss and probably revisit in a few years (like Firefly). One thing I specially enjoyed was how a lot of the story fitted together in end, which was surprising after learning this:

I do feel good that the process I always believed in and really defended — about feeling the story instinctively as you go through it, and not being tied to, Oh, we know exactly how it’s going to end up”

Ronald D. Moore finale Q&A (

This don’t over-plan” attitude reminded me a lot of:

Details reveal themselves as you use what you’re building. You’ll see what needs more attention. You’ll feel what’s missing.

Getting Real: Ignore Details Early On (37signals)

Good example of how by focusing at the problem” at hand and not just imagining all possible upcoming ones, can actually help in creating something even better.

So say we all

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