August 31, 2014

… and we are back

Oh 2014.

If I could do a chick-flick style collage it would show: unemployment, wedding preparations, wedding, honeymoon, new job, Costa Rica, Caracas, Costa Rica, Miami, Caracas, Caracas… and Miami. Throw a picture of me smiling every other frame and we are almost done.

Assuming you are that unaccounted 5th reader in my analytics that I don’t know, let me quickly update you with in my relationship status: happily married.

The lucky (?) girl to acqui-hire a 32 year old OCD geek with questionable fashion sense and unquestionable weird sense of humor, is so beyond amazing, I can’t help but smile every time I see her.


The move to Miami is part of a longer plan and a very timely job offer. I’m still working with the web, but a bit removed from the cutting edge. My day to day is now filled with corporate eCommerce, vendors, manufacturers, product feeds, drop-shipments, advance ship notices, CSVs and a surprising amount of sFTP and FTPs.

I will write more about it in the next weeks, but suffice to say I’m learning a lot, and making a disproportionate amount of mistakes in the process.

So that’s it, a duct tape post to connect the past to the present. I could promise to write about the move from tumblr to Silvrback, or leaving behind for, but I don’t think I will.

Things change, and you must let yourself change with them. Sometimes I waste so much time in the why? and how?, that the actual what? never leaves my drafts.


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