Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader review roundup

Overall it looks like very solid hardware on software that’s not ready. I imagine this has a lot to do with why it missed the holiday season.


the Nook is an intriguing product launched by a powerful force in the world of booksellers, but the initial offering feels long on promises and short on delivery. With the right software revisions, the Nook could be a tsunami, but as it stands right now, it’s only a mild swell.


The hardware is fully baked, but as I have mentioned the software isn’t.


The Nook has the potential to decisively trump the Kindle, but I want to see if Barnes & Noble’s upcoming software update fixes the issues I encountered before I declare any winners.

Since it’s only available in the US, I’m not very concerned with the Nook vs. Kindle decision process. What’s really holding me back is deciding between the Kindle and whatever Apple could come up with.

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