January 23, 2012

Dancing for the Non-Believers

Two things can happen at this moment, you can grab your smartphone again and check for more non-existing messages, or step forward and… dance.

We can all dance. At least our bodies can. Our brain, doesn’t always agree.

If this wasn’t the case, then 47% of the population1 wouldn’t prefer jumping out of an airplane rather than stepping in front a group of people to… dance.

Here’s a secret, the trick about dancing is that you have to smile. Period. Forget about counting 1-2-3’s, following the music or even stepping on people. If you smile, you’re half-way there.

Who do I think I am to make this statement? No one. However, I smile a lot, drink a bit, and when you put these together, I… dance.

Not very well, mind you. I also sweat like a pig, which is both disgusting and hazardous when dancing. BUT, it’s still fun. At least a lot more than checking your fake messages.

Sadly, I can’t guarantee the same about the poor soul on the receiving end of my sweaty schizophrenic fit. BUT, guess what? they almost2 always stay. And if you smile, they smile.

Because jumping around to music is always better than checking your fake messages, regardless if you’re a boy or a girl.

And if someone says you’re doing it wrong, ask them to show you how to do it right. Don’t pay too much attention, trust me, I’ve done it wrong in many places, and it’s always jumping around. But never forget to smile.

Now take the step forward and jump around like an idiot, or as some people call it… dance.

  1. This is a made up number, but doesn’t it sound real? ↩︎

  2. If you do find the person that prefers checking a phone rather than jumping around to music, remember to smile. And then run away. ↩︎


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