April 23, 2011

Dropbox Apps: Pick a Damn Folder Already!

Being a total Dropbox fan, I see any sort of integration with other Apps as a great thing.

However, given my OCD tendencies, the approach these Apps take of creating a folder each on my root Dropbox folder, is very irritating.

Some Apps let you choose where to create the folder, but I understand how this isn’t very elegant or user-friendly. All I’m asking really is that you pick one folder and insider setup all your naughty sync stuff — I’m looking at you Soulver, Due and Writer.

In case what you need is a catchy name, I already put all my Mac Applications synched stuff under Application Data. Since you all are cool and mobile, maybe you want to go with App Data, or App Library or even the obtuse App Support works for me.

Daily Deeds (the only App I own that tries to address this) goes with the unimaginative Documents, which while simple, could conflict with some users current folders.

The actual guilty party seems to be the Dropbox guys themselves. Nowhere in the Developer Documentation or Guidelines did I find any suggestion regarding where stuff should go, but still, it’s a start.

While I’ll try to use the current situation as an exercise for mindfulness, I do hope that at some point this mess-in-the-making gets sorted out.


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