October 6, 2011

Farewell to the Chief

Thank you Steve. 

Nothing else I say about the passing of Steve P. Jobs can surpass the dozens of great articles already written. But I can talk about my second favorite topic … myself

During the past day, my mom and a few friends have taken the time to tell me how sorry they are with his death. Why in the world would his death make them think about me?

They didn’t do it because of concerns of my Apple shares, or because they worry about all my electronics shutting down. I think they did it because somehow they knew he was the leader of my tribe.

Members of other competing tribes also expressed their sadness online. Followers of Google, Microsoft and Linux all joined in. Many of them are/where strong critics of what Apple/Steve believed in, but all respected him as the tribe leader he was. 

Which is maybe why, for some grown geeks, this hurts more that we want to show. 

Yes, we are sorry for him, but what about us? What is going to happen to the tribe?

Many will say: they’re just gadgets for heavens sake! And they are probably right, but …

But they where more than gadgets or expensive toys. In a world where we seem to be quitting on space travel, passenger jets don’t break the sound barrier anymore, and cars still run on fossil fuel; Steve’s Apple was one of the few companies selling us the future— as envisioned by Sci-Fi.

I know it’s going to be ok … but will it be insanely great? I’d guess he’d say:

I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.

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