September 3, 2012

In case of Emergency: Break Text File

Dear Reader,

I apologize for not writing sooner.

You know how it goes: the new job, the kids in the cradle and the silver spoon. Well, no kids, but two beautiful dogs that I feel terrible not playing with all day with, even though I’m working from home.

But I found time now. True, the only reason is that there’s no internet on this café and I have no intelligence without Opera’s intranet. Oh, yes, I’m in México City.

Never mind my IP range. The point is we have this time now, and I need to tell you a very personal secret. This isn’t easy for me to accept. I’ve failed this blog. I’ve betrayed the spirit and soul behind these bytes and silicon.

In a moment of despair, of extreme pragmatism, of horrid clarity; I turned my back to hundred of dollars of productivity software and opened a text file in Taskpaper.

When going gets tough —which in geek terms means: inbox zero is only possible with a total meltdown of your email provider— you look around and grab on to the strongest branch you see.

My strongest branch was my faith… that if I kept wasting time with super efficient apps I was going to be beautifully organized

So now I chaotically vomit thoughts and spray randomness in a text file. It’s only fair. That’s how my brain feels; unorganized, lacking complete solutions, and hoping for order after things get done.

And that’s how I roll… If I were brave enough to get a tattoo it’d say:

No Workflow.

I’m sure a GTD chick will dig it.

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