March 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0 preview thoughts

Some notes from today’s Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Preview (Quotes from: MacRumors)

  • In-App Purchasing: Allows developers to sell additional content from within applications. Highlighted uses include magazine subscriptions, eBooks, additional levels and items for games.

Apple keeps 30% comission, so it makes sense that they want to encourage developers to sell even more. As long as it’s not music.

  • Peer-to-Peer Connectivity: Find other devices running the app via Bonjour over Wi-Fi of Bluetooth. Good for gaming, but also other applications for sharing data.

I’m concerned for Nintendo DS. May the PSP rest in peace.

  • Third-Party Accessory Apps: Allowing accessory manufacturers to create applications to interface with their hardware accessories.

Huge market opportunites and very cool. Just the idea of a compact external keyboard makes me reach for my wallet.

  • Push Notification: Rather than using background processes that hamper battery life, utilize third-party server to push badge, text, and audio alerts from applications.

Better late than never. Useful for some apps. But they need to release iChat pronto. Messaging creates important network effects.

  • Turn by Turn: Apple will allow developers to use CoreLocation for turn-by-turn GPS directions.

Nice. Don’t have a car, but I can see how GPS sales will be affected.

  • Cut, Copy and Paste: Available across all apps. Shake to undo or redo.

Welcome to 1993.

  • Landscape keyboard: Available in all key applications, including Mail.
  • MMS: Picture messaging now available.
  • Voice Memos: Record notes, lectures, interviews, etc.

Yawn. 3rd party apps already dealt with these.

  • Spotlight Search: Available across all applications. Systemwide search available from main home screen by flicking to the left.

Very welcomed. But I’m sure we still haven’t seen the full scope of the springboard updateds.

  • A2DP Bluetooth: Support for stereo bluetooth headsets.

Not that relevant yet. But wireless headphones could be the future.

All in all, nothing groundbreaking. But this was a developer event and the announcements are very important for the. But still, I think a lot of people are sleeping a little bit better at Palm.


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