November 23, 2014

I’ve Made a Huge Tiny Mistake

Two months earlier:

Hey everyone! follow me to this new blog. It’s mostly the same, but different because it’s under my brand. I’ll post more there — I’m sure of it — because it’s under my name1.

Present day:

Uhmm, hi? anyone here?

I’m not ready to deconstruct why my attempt to start blogging more failed yet again. However, below factors to get me started:

  1. I like doing link-posts:
    Since the beginning of this blog I’ve used the Tumblr bookmarklet on the desktop for quickly sharing links with a short (witty?) commentary. But the workflow in mobile sucked — until Tumblr’s latest iOS 8 update, which takes advantage of sharing extensions to do exactly what I wanted for years.

  2. I don’t like have having the blog under my name:
    Some can pull it off, but almost all my favorite blogs are under a different name. No mom, I won’t jump out of a bridge if they do… but if I do jump, I rather scream 5typos instead of rmateu. It’s like your superhero (domain)name.

  3. I need MultiMarkdown footnotes2:
    I tried Silvrback, Ghost and Svbtle in this blog (engine) soul searching, and only the Svbtle supports MultiMarkdown Footnotes.

So… I’m back — again, I promise to write more — again, and thanks for sticking around — again?.

  1. Actually, rmateu is my username. Stupid difference, but I didn’t understand it at the time ↩︎

  2. Very likely I use this as a writing handicap, but I felt very frustrated trying to write without them ↩︎

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