June 17, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts for Bookmarklet on Google Chrome

With Google Chrome 12, using a keyboard shortcut to open a bookmarklet on the Bookmarks Bar stopped working.

As result ⌘1 wouldn’t open Quix anymore.

Disaster. I spent a couple of hours on the Chrome extensions website looking for alternatives, but none worked as expected.

I have already professed my love for Quix before, so I wont go into it again, just know that it is such an indispensable tool for my browsing/blogging workflow that I had to switch to Safari when it stopped working.

The ⌘1 keyboard shortcut is hardcoded into my muscle memory.

Today, I made a last ditch attempt to find an alterntive, and thanks to andsens in the Google Chrome Help Forums I found an elegant solution:

Launching the bookmark is the same as opening the link, so if your shortcut contains the CMD key, the bookmark will open in a new tab.

Using Shift will result in the bookmark being opened in a new window.

Somehow using the alt key does not trigger a force-download though, so only use Ctrl and Alt if you want your bookmark to launch in the same window.

While I had tried adding ⌘1 before via Application Shortcuts, I never considered an alternative modifier, such as ⌃1.

Keyboard NirvanaKeyboard Nirvana

Achieve Quix Shortcut Nirvana Once Again:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. Select Application Shortcuts and click + to add a new shortcut. Pick Google Chrome exact name for the Quix bookmarklet.
  2. I choose ⌃1, which works pretty well since I use the caps lock key as a second control modifier. You should see the keyboard short right in Chrome’s Bookmarks menu
  3. Just ⌃1 your way to productivity. An added benefit over the extension route is that the shortcut works even if the omnibar has focus.

The switch from ⌘1 to ⌃1 will take some effort, but using the Keyboard Shortcuts pipes appears to be much faster than before, and I’m just happy that I can have access to Quix with an one keyboard combination again on Chrome.

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