May 24, 2013

Login and Socialize

Much have been said about our inability to unglue ourselves from any screen and interact with surrounding humans, nature, or approaching buses.

I won’t argue against this.

However, I’m typing this after finding a killer album on the music library of a friend in Singapore. Later —now for you— I’ll post this on my blog and 2 or 3 people will read it. A Facebook post will probably get me a few more courtesy likes — most of them from another time zone. Throw in a tweet, and a few hundred more people will be exposed to the title of my nonsense.

Yes, we are shallow and with the attention span of a mosquito. But no, we are’t anti-social. We are hypersocial1. Projecting our lives online and creating a narrative out of them — real or fake, that’s another matter.

Maybe our kids will look at our online profiles with the same horror as I do at disco fashion. But it doesn’t matter, they weren’t going to follow us either way.

  1. Maybe we have hypersocialnetworkability? Putting it here just to see if Google indexes it. 

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