March 6, 2012

Looking Good on Paper

I just spent an exorbitant amount of time updating the design of my resume and wanted to share the latest version —since this sort of thing is never done.

CV UpdateCV Update

As you can hopefully notice, the design should be cleaner and less typical. The chronological Experience/Education main column was replaced with large header with personal information, profile text and skills.

Then I placed the experience row with the three most relevant jobs, arranged left to right chronologically. At the bottom I did the same with education.

I struggled with naming the sub-sections, and in the end just decided to leave an iMac and graduation hat icon as indicators. Still not convinced if it’s clear enough, but it does look better. Need to have faith on the reader.

Everything is set in Myriad Pro, a personal favorite of mine.

The video below shows the saved states after many false starts. I have to thank Damian Rees for his great article: How to Design a Better UX Resume.

Once I saw his resume wireframe, the content just filled in nicely. However, I cheated a bit by not including the Key Selling Points (as always, content).

resume wireframeresume wireframe

I also visited CV PARADE a lot just to get inspired, I kept revisiting the CV of Slavic Stasyuk because it had the sparseness I wanted on my own.

The bookmark on the top right came from Bert Timmermans dribble. I kept wanting to include it in a similar fashion to him, but never managed to make it look right.

In the end, I had fallen for the idea so much that I convinced myself that a large bookmark on the corner would look good and be an attention grabber if my CV was laying on the table with others.

Regarding the content, I edited most of it following Avichal Garg excellent post Good resumes vs. Great resumes, where he explains (with examples), the three traits for great resumes:

  1. Quantify accomplishments
  2. Focus on skills acquired and required, not activity
  3. Think about a career stepwise

Again, the content is nowhere near ready, but I had to send something and couldn’t stand the old design. Next few days I’m going to revisit Avichal’s article with all the content in markdown format and rewrite it without thinking about layouts, fonts, or any other hipster crap.

Ok, now that I shared this I can close a bunch of browser tabs, phew.

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