August 14, 2008

Mobile Friday

Smartphone Is Expected via Google -

Apple’s iPhone has shaken the cellphone industry, partly because of its design, but mostly because AT&T and Apple have allowed owners to download any number of applications to their phones. That freedom to individualize a phone’s functions has helped increase the popularity of the iPhone.

Bull. The iPhone is one of the least configurable devices out there. It is the best thought out design and OS. But the apps, while great, are so limited in its interaction with the OS that to talk about freedom is kinda ridiculous.

BlackBerry Bold: the DEFINITIVE hands-on review

Yep, we’re pretty impressed with the Bold, and we hope the final software updates which will be released prior to launch will iron out a few of the wrinkles noted during our testing.

Speaking of iPhone competitors, the Bold is turning out to be a very nice looking phone. Both in design and interface.

Palm Treo Pro: Palm Treo Pro Revealed (Lookin’ Good)

Wow, check out the Treo Pro, previously thought to be the Treo 850. It’s safe to say Palm is plunging ahead with the Centro’s industrial design, but the stark (glossy?) black and white color scheme with the phone/end orbs make it slick, rather than kiddie cool. Unfortunately, the Palm OS (new or othewise) for is nowhere in sight, just Windows Mobile.

Last but not, actually yes, least. Palm seems to be about to launch their I’m not dead yet Treo. Good enough design, but Windows Mobile?, I’ll spare you the rant.


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