On music and playlists (Part 2)

A month ago I wrote a glowing review of Apple Music and its curation feature.

After this time I have come to terms with the fact that all the joy provided by the amazing music recommendations, is completely overshadowed by a very poorly executed app.

Even more so, I’m worried. What makes Apple Music great has little — actually nothing — to do with the app itself. Give me all of Apple’s curated playlists in Spotify, and I’ll switch back in a second. As it is, I’m struggling not to reopen my Spotify Premium account 1.

Unless Apple’s exclusive content is going to make Spotify library incomplete, then I’m sure it’s fairly easy to migrate this value.

Minimal touch targets, slow song start time and awful playlist management. These are the things making me struggle with the app.

And on the desktop? Well, I gave up on iTunes a week ago. Spotify’s ads are acceptable compared to the horrible chimera that Apple Music + iTunes is.

  1. Lords of Kobol, those ads are annoying.

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