February 22, 2011

On Netiquette and Dating

This is language. A new vocabulary, the likes of which the world has never seen! ~Robert McNamara on Thirteen Days

After a very long term relationship, singleness on the Facebook age has been an interesting experience.

Gone are the akwards calls to the landline hoping that the girl was the one that picked up (told you it was very long term).

Nowadays Like’s, status comments, and messages rule the day. Worth mentioning is that I’ve never seen a poke in my life, maybe I just don’t hang out in the right crowds ;).

And of course, emoticons: ;), :D, ☺, etc. They have to be the greatest evolution in written language in my lifetime. Just add a couple of characters and suddenly you have a sentence with with enough depth and intrigue to match a Shakespearian paragraph.

You have issues ;)


You have issues :(


You have issues.

A whole new language I tell you.

Still, the more things change, the more they stay the same. It used to be that you played it cool, as in: not call for a day or two. However, in a ever connected world, how can you pull this off?

Unless you where in an Arab country in the last few days, there’s no way you couldn’t pick up any device just to say hi.

To make matters worse, even if you try, analog lives are now reflected on the web in almost realtime. Go to a party while your status claims you’re chilling at home with my dogs, and you’ll likely be tagged on a photo, with a jackass comment underneath.

And yet—in the end, the problems that existed before the mobile era remain, and some of its greatest features have become huge inconveniences.

With ubiquitous communications, silence is louder than ever: the use of it can show interest –just like the old days– but it can just as quickly imply disinterest.

Or as they used to say (apparently it’s lame now): it’s complicated.

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