July 5, 2015

On understanding the news

Reading a teenager half-a-world away retweet a meme about your country provides both validation and frustration.

You’re somehow glad to be in the global trending agenda, but the absolute oversimplification and reductionism of the events feels like being unable to scream in a dream.

What’s going on in Greece has many origins: economics, social, geopolitical, historical, and cultural. As a netizen I’ll gossip in the drama and read some articles to give me talking points. But I hope to not cross the line an presume I understand what’s going on.

Through all my adult life I’ve been trying to explain why/what/how things are happening in Venezuela, and what the future holds. I’ve been wrong so often that you would question my expertise on the subject.

This has been my learning in recent years: there’s a difference between knowing what is going on, and understanding it. You have to go through the first to get to the second. But then you have to step away and question everything — and try to answer it.

Only then do you start to understand it… I think. I don’t know enough about it yet.


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