As always, Michael Tsai summary is the best quick overview of Twitter’s idiotic plans.

I’ll let others cleverly debate why Twitter is going down this path — my take is that its management no longer uses the service — but the writing is on the wall: 3rd party Twitter clients are going away, and I’m probably going with it.

Instagram is my best evidence to support this warning. The introduction of the algorithmic feed mostly coincides with my decrease in use. Since Instagram never exposed an API, there’s no InstaBot, but I’d like to think that a paid app that still used the regular chronological feed would have kept me more engaged in the service.

Other than complaining, what I’m going to do? Post more on my blog. Still debating if I’m moving to or staying with, and if I’ll use or keep old faithful as the domain.

But I like to think we’re at the start of a pendulum swing. While overall trend is for centralized platforms, we can make the case of standards. Not everyone needs to host their own blog, but there’s no reason that a micro post” on, another from and any other platform can’t appear on the same feed easily.

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