April 19, 2024

Süti PhoneBack: My New Favorite iPhone Case

My new favorite iPhone case is the Süti PhoneBack case. After updating to the iPhone 15 from the iPhone 12 mini, I was looking for the thinnest case possible. I considered skins and minimal cases, but when the Nomad Magnetic Leather Back was announced, I knew it was the style I was going to get. Sadly, it’s still only available for the Pro versions.

Searching for options, I found failed kickstarter projects, but nothing else. Eventually, a YouTube search led me to the PhoneBack.

I received it last week and have been using it since. While it’s a bit expensive at $40, it’s exactly what I was looking for. The case keeps the iPhone slim and gives it grip ability. Additionally, I feel less conscious when I place it on the iPhone face up on a table.

I’m really happy with this case, and so far, I haven’t dropped my iPhone yet.

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