Sh.rt are the new

With this post I’m trying out Google’s new URL shortening service It currently only works with the Google Toolbar and Feedburner service, but surely they will soon make it available for everybody.

In my case, it’s substituting Twitterfeed, a service that grabs a RSS feed and can post it to twitter or Facebook. Since I already use Feedburner to handle my feed, I want to see how much faster the posting to twitter happens.

Jenna Wortham on the NYTimes Bits blog writes about how this entrance by Google is going the affect, the current market leader. They where very quick to announce a Pro version that allows the use of custom urls.

I actually bought http://» a few months ago. Not that my media empire needs a shortening URL service, but I do believe that short URLs are going to become as important as normal domain names.

Finally, as if waiting for a cue, Inside Facebook writes that Facebook is testing as a short Url.

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