So I bought it, but I bought it, for the first time, with misgivings.”

From Paul Grahams Apple’s Mistake:

So I bought it, but I bought it, for the first time, with misgivings. I felt the way I’d feel buying something made in a country with a bad human rights record. That was new. In the past when I bought things from Apple it was an unalloyed pleasure. Oh boy! They make such great stuff. This time it felt like a Faustian bargain. They make such great stuff, but they’re such assholes. Do I really want to support this company?

I totally relate to this with my recent Apple purchases. It used to be that I loved what I bought. I was proud and happy to be called a fanboy. But recently, I just make sure it’s the best option (it still usually is) and keep my bragging to a minimum. It’s how I used to feel when I bought something from Microsoft.

I’ve mentioned before that Apple needs to be careful with how they deal with the techie crowd. The geeks where the ones that influenced those around them by saying that Mac’s weren’t only cool now (circa 2002), but better. If they continue to turn their backs to geeks on the iPhone, their bottom-line won’t get hurt, but their mindshare will.

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