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=this.foo May 26, 2023
I’m sure somewhere within Apple, the Shortcuts team has an alpha with a LLM prompt way to create the workflows. May 18, 2023
Thinking on what to do with roberto. May 17, 2023
Said it before and I’ll say it again: it was a mistake for DayOne to not pursue Publish — their personal blogging add on. May 14, 2023
Wondering if I could only subscribe to just one, if I’d choose Arc Browser or Raycast Pro. May 11, 2023
Jezzz. May 8, 2023
Rollercoaster of a day with new (used) car android head unit and CarPlay. May 7, 2023
Big fan of the Wool books series. May 6, 2023
Lance Hedrick great mega review Timemore Sculptor 064, 064s, 078, 078s. May 5, 2023
Thinking again about folder naming. April 25, 2023
Being an app junky, surprised how little interest I have in Blue Sky and others. April 24, 2023
Morning with my forever crush, Afternoon with compatriots. April 22, 2023
Sir Sean Connery on his AFI Life Achievement Award: April 21, 2023
Abandoned Thin Air. April 18, 2023
I got my Boox Leaf 2, and I’ve been playing with it all week. April 8, 2023
Vacation at end of day. April 5, 2023
Decided in the TIMEMORE 064 Kickstarter. March 31, 2023
Fifth day of meditation/contemplation. February 22, 2023
Attempting to start “meditation” practice yet again. February 19, 2023
The leaked announcement of Github switching to Teams gets me on the same nostalgic mindset as Friday’s post. February 13, 2023
Went all in today, can’t believe I posted about damp towels. February 7, 2023
Open journal is going to be the digital garden. February 7, 2023
This page is becoming a microblog of sorts. February 6, 2023
Giving some thought to the idea of Intermediate Packets on the personal areas. February 5, 2023
Classic “architecture” questions: what’s the source of truth for the daily posting files? February 5, 2023
Ok, start of a new experiment. February 4, 2023