June 11, 2008

We are never satisfied with the current version

Did Steve Jobs demo a Flash-enabled iPhone 3G? - iPhone Atlas

Hmmmm. This does look peculiar.

On current iPhones running OS 1.1.4, and in the iPhone Simulator included with the iPhone SDK, nationalgeographic.com renders with a picture of a cheetah and the message This presentation requires Flash. Download free Flash player.” On the keynote-demonstrated iPhone 3G, however, the site renders the same cheetah image without the This presentation requires Flash” message. Interesting.

Firefox 3.1 (Shiretoko) planned features draft - Mozilla Links

While the concept looks kinda nice, I’m still not convinced that this is a useful approach. I do think that Mozilla’s mobile concept of infinite space” is much more useful as we continue to open more tabs simultaneously.

Visual tab switching and tab searching/filtering were both tried for Firefox 3, abandoned for other more critical features, and are being considered for 3.1. Ctrl+Tab, a extension developed by Dao Gottwald implements both of them displaying a thumbnail of the opened tabs when pressing Ctrl + Tab to switch tabs.


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