September 27, 2011

We Drove Drunk (I am sorry)

Dear Roberto the 3rd, If you ever get the opportunity to exist I have to apologize.

Today I conspired against your existence.

Your dad turned 30 today, and he got to spend the evening with his favorite geographical available people: your uncle Federico and aunt Dariela, and your fun uncle Juan Andrés.

Somehow we got all got the buckle up course, and we know it by heart. Regardless of pretty girl or not, we know that it’s stupid not to use the buckle, however, driving with a few drinks is not such a big deal.

And it should.

Today I could have perfectly stayed at your uncle’s. But I wasn’t brave enough.

If you ever get to exist and read this you should remember: your dad drove happy because he was lazy. If you have to rebel against any of the stupidities of his generation, I hope that this one of the biggest arguments.

We weren’t surrounded by the most enjoyable reality … that weird slow car on the way to your grandparents made me wake up and keep a high speed. But this is no excuse.

As all great generations, I hope you realize how foolish my ways where.

I haven’t met your mom yet (or have I?), but I’m sure she’ll agree. You should listen to her.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Your idiot dad.

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