Home (folders) Improvements 2018-09-23
Posting with a Commit 2018-09-23
iPhone XS 256GB Space Gray 2018-09-22
Posting with a Commit 2018-09-22
Sublime Merge - a new Git client from the makers of Sublime Text 2018-09-20
Google’s Inbox app is shutting down in March 2019 2018-09-12
On a Twitter Break (Catch Me on Mastodon) 2018-08-22
Walmart and Kobo launch e-book and audiobook store 2018-08-22
Bloomberg: Apple Is Planning a New Low-Cost MacBook, Pro-Focused Mac Mini 2018-08-21
For the Love of Spock is a solid documentary. 2018-08-19
Trailer for Star Wars Resistance 2018-08-17
Palm Android phone leaks 2018-08-09
Done with The Expanse S01 — great book and equally good show. 2018-08-05
Enjoyed Avengers: Infinity Stone a lot more than expected. 2018-08-02
Saw Molly’s Game over the weekend with Ana and liked it. 2018-07-30
Andrei Sakharov essay – Progress, Coexistence and Intellectual Freedom 2018-07-24
HBO’s Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind is an incredibly moving documentary. 2018-07-21
Love Notes to Newton is another tangential documentary/film that will be fun to see for a different viewpoint of the same time frame. 2018-07-19
Really looking forward to this General Magic documentary. 2018-07-19
Instapaper is going independent 2018-07-17
Comparison Between Tags on GitHub 2018-07-11
Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been using my personal MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016) as my daily driver — while my job’s MacBook Pro 2015 is in the shop for a keyboard/trackpad issue. 2018-07-05
Apple Considering Streaming Bundle for TV, Music and News 2018-06-27
Bookshelf of Shame (Abandoned Fiction) 2018-06-26
Good candidates finish last? 2018-06-25
Trying to get back into comics. 2018-06-24
Saw Isle of Dogs with Robie and The Post with Ana today. 2018-06-23
Fathers day was really great for my coffee hobby. 2018-06-19
To read a blog 2018-06-15
In its current state, iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts are a modern version of the one button mouse. 2018-06-09
Dave Winer: Should you care about GitHub? 2018-06-03
After the birth of my children – and tied with my wedding – this is the happiest day of my life. Shared my first pizza with Robie completely out of his request. 2018-06-01
Solo: A Star Wars Story 2018-05-31
Great article by Ernie Smith on the history of MacOS X interface skins for Windows. 2018-05-24
The Weather Channel stopped publishing video on Facebook 2018-05-23
Castro 3 released 2018-05-21
H G Wells interview of Stalin 2018-05-19
News of Note for 2018W20 2018-05-19
Remember Twitter? 2018-05-17
Not crazy about the new icon, but Tweetbot for Mac could put an 8-bit clown as an icon and I’d still update. 2018-05-15
Giving 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. 2018-05-12
Running SublimeText on ChromeOS sounds very interesting to me. 2018-05-08
When you had a shitty day, the iOS keyboard sucks at journaling. 2018-05-02
2018-05-01 2018-05-01
Trying new SousVide burgers recipe: still main rule is to manage meat as little as possible. 2018-04-29
Watching LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles with Robie. 2018-04-28
MacSparky reviews the Moment Lenses 2018-04-28
Squares buys Webbly 2018-04-26
Star Wars Resistance will be anime inspired, with WWII aircraft and fighter pilots influences. 2018-04-26
I’m a sucker for launch events, and Opera holds a special place in my heart. 2018-04-24
Saw HBO´s Andre the Giant documentary. 2018-04-22
Got a mini-barista to help me with my cold brew today – although he kept calling it cake. 2018-04-21
No to sex on roundabouts, Norway tells high school graduates. 2018-04-20
This is a great summary post on Gitflow by Luka Kerr. 2018-04-20
[Elon Musk Tesla Productivity Tips][link] 2018-04-19
Matt Birchler on Link Blogging: 2018-04-18
It’s that time of the week when macOS decides it’s not going to display any of my Subtile Text windows because I connected to an external monitor. 2018-04-18
Fine-tuning microblog posting from the blog. 2018-04-17
Giving up on Artemis by Andy Weir. 2018-04-16
Cal Newport writes: 2018-04-16
Gracias Miami 2018-04-15
What’s my name again? 2018-04-14
Grateful 2017-11-23
The best laptop ever made 2017-11-14
Albert Watson's story behind the famous image of Steve Jobs 2017-11-02
(Not) Difficult 2017-10-31
The sunshine after the storm 2017-10-12
Filmmaker Ken Burns interview: 2017-09-25
Maxims and Affirmations 2017-08-29
How a recording-studio mishap shaped ’80s music 2017-08-18
Jason Fried: Your Company Should be Your Best Product 2017-08-15
Updated Colophon 2017-08-14
On men and memos 2017-08-09
Gruber: I Don’t Think There’s Going to Be an ‘iPhone 7S’ 2017-08-09
Logistics at my scale 2017-08-03
Deplete Inventories 2 2017-07-26
Read the chart out loud 2017-07-25
Ride it out 2017-07-24
Productivity Apps and Subscription Pricing 2017-07-20
Ghost != Medium 2017-07-15
Facial ID that requires you to mouth a password — using micro expressions — sounds like iPhone 8 stuff. 2017-07-08
Microsoft boasted it had rebuilt Skype 'from the ground up'. Instead, it should have buried it 2017-07-07
Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job? 2017-07-03
Baby Driver is a fun and exciting ride with a soundtrack that has so much character, it’s borderline a musical. 2017-07-01
The new Hulu AppleTV app is so bad, it finally pushed us to cancel subscription (and we do watch a few shows). 2017-06-28
» The Secret Lives of Playlists 2017-06-27
» Parenting : Who is it really for? 2017-06-27
» Day One Goes Premium 2017-06-27
» How The iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories of Missteps and Triumphs 2017-06-26
» The Last Mile for the iPad 2017-06-25
Ron Howard signed up to direct Star Wars spin-off Han Solo movie 2017-06-22
» John Markoff interviews iPhone team members 2017-06-22
OS Developer Beta’s are the marshmallow test for grownup geeks. 2017-06-21
After watching a couple of times, I still tear-up with this ad: 2017-06-21
Is group chat making you sweat? 2017-06-20
»  Stephen King Comic: The desk 2017-06-20
Didn’t know that Github could render CSVs, this could be useful. 2017-06-15
» iPad Pro 2017 versus MacBook Pro 2017 2017-06-15
» macOS 10.13 Bluetooth 2017-06-12
» Day One is launching iOS and Mac v2.2 with End-to-end encryption. 2017-06-09
Back into Podcasting 2017-06-08
» Inside One Founder’s Personal Fast Club 2017-06-08
5 word review WWDC 2017 2017-06-05
Finally saw Logan last night. 2017-06-04
» Seth’s Blog: Greatest hits are exhausting 2017-06-03
» Interview: Dick Costolo talks to Walt Mossberg about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Taco Bell at Code 2017 2017-06-02
Developer earnings from the App Store top $70 billion 2017-06-01
Swift Playgrounds now supports robots, drones, and other toys 2017-06-01
New Skype design 2017-06-01
The return of the iBook 2017-05-31
» Essential PH-1 Phone 2017-05-30
No, Soylent isn’t Healthy. Here’s Why. 2017-05-24
OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 2017-05-02
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017-05-02
Apple AirPods satisfaction at a remarkable 98% for customers 2017-05-01
Auphonic Audiogram Generator: Waveform Videos for Podcasts and Audio Files 2017-04-25
Books of Winter 2016 2017-04-25
Spotify looking at hardware talent 2017-04-24
'The Fifth Element' Returning to Theaters for 20th Anniversary 2017-04-21
Steph Curry Eliminates 'Unnecessary Distractions' by Deleting Social Media Apps 2017-04-21
Firefox 53 new minimal themes 2017-04-21
Cal Newport on doing Deep Work and escaping social media — The Ezra Klein Show 2017-04-19
Verily Smartwatch 2017-04-17
Seeing Theory 2017-04-17
Waiting for a calm and peaceful moment tonight to watch The Last Jedi teaser trailer. 2017-04-14
The Alphabet Book 2017-04-14
Increment Magazine 2017-04-13
The Empire was Xenophobic 2017-04-12
Sublime Text 3 new icon 2017-04-12
Things 3 beta is super clean. 2017-04-11
The Star Wars Battlefront II Teaser looks amazing. 2017-04-11
Book publishing in the digital age 2017-04-10
74,476 reasons you should always get the bigger pizza 2017-04-07
Art in apps became a real thing (Why Pro Matters) 2017-04-06
Soylent Ad: Pizza Helper 2017-03-18
Ask HN: What do you use to align your daily todos with your long term goals? 2017-03-15
Siempo – The Phone for Humans 2017-03-15
A Bot’s Bot 2017-03-09
Apple’s Devices Lose Luster in American Classrooms 2017-03-03
The Pixar of TV Shows 2017-02-14
How Sonos will take on Alexa and Google: by integrating them 2017-02-14
The Expanse: Season 2 2017-02-11
Apple used to care about iBooks 2017-02-07
An adorable little chaos inside your home 2017-02-05
Deplete Inventories 2017-01-15
The challenge of accepting the challenge 2017-01-11
Atlassian acquires Trello for $425M 2017-01-09
Make it easy to succeed 2017-01-08
Restrictions as minimalism 2017-01-05
What Apple gives you for $100 as a Safari Extension Developer 2017-01-03
Not sharing is uncaring 2017-01-02
Extrovert and introvert 2017-01-01
Cooking is coding. Your guests are QA , they just don’t know it. 2016-12-31
Does key clickiness hold the key for ideas to click? 2016-12-30
Placing a pledge on 2016-12-29
Apple can make anything, just not everything 2016-12-28
Holiday tidbits 2016-12-25
Top 5 2016 iOS Apps 2016-12-23
Encryption App ‘Signal’ Fights Censorship With a Clever Workaround 2016-12-23
Cars and Trucks and Mac SUVs 2016-12-23
Books of Summer 2016 2016-12-22
The Mac is not dead, maybe. Right? 2016-12-20
Weekly tidbits 2016-12-18
Displays for designers and developers 2016-12-15
Does it Make Sense for Programmers to Move to the Bay Area? 2016-12-14
Agile and Trello project management 2016-12-13
The Inside Story Behind Pebble’s Demise 2016-12-12
Weekly tidbits: 2016-12-11
Pets vs Cattle 2016-12-08
Anil Dash is the new CEO of Fog Creek Software 2016-12-06
Apple’s Support Gap 2016-12-05
Tidbits of the week 2016-12-03
reMarkable — The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. 2016-12-02
Fitbit is buying Pebble for $34-40 million 2016-12-01
Tidbits of the week 2016-11-27
Arq saves me a headache 2016-11-19
Tidbits of the week 2016-11-18
Democracy Tax 2016-11-18
Nest app for Apple TV 2016-11-17
Super Mario Run launches for iPhone & iPad on Dec. 15 - Nintendo Official Site » 2016-11-15
“Designed by Apple in California” coffee table book » 2016-11-15
Dear Robie, don’t panic 2016-11-09
Gmail and Google Calendar updated on iOS » 2016-11-07
What’s up Mac? 2016-11-06
Adobe prototypes Photoshop for audio » 2016-11-06
Castro 2 podcast player 2016-11-05
Subsisting on Soylent for a Month 2016-11-02
MacBook between the lines 2016-10-26
Judging a book by its content 2016-10-10
The joy in boring weather 2016-10-07
Coffiest fails at everything Soylent 2.0 succeeds - Updated. 2016-09-01
Sold my Apple Watch 2016-08-29
Review: Star Trek Beyond 2016-08-17
→ Twelvety – Back to One Master TaskPaper File 2016-08-17
Cheeseburger hosting 2016-08-12
Snippet 2016-08-10
A traffic light without green 2016-08-09
Stranger Things 2016-08-07
The “Apple” one 2016-08-02
Review: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson 2016-07-25
Trello scrum board labels 2016-07-20
The One Big Thing / 1-3-5 task list 2016-07-19
Palette and colors links 2016-07-15
A summer project: Colofón Podcast 2016-07-14
Last call for Evernote 2016-06-30
Tunnel Vision for Trello tasks 2016-06-28
Find your own quote 2016-06-23
What’s my meta-theme? 2016-06-23
Sonos Lock-Screen and Now Playing support 2016-06-21
Review: Abomination by Gary Whitta 2016-06-20
Father’s day surprise: Sonos Play:1 2016-06-19
He's probably going to be an Android user 2016-06-18
Using the iPhone naked 2016-06-17
OnePlus 3 2016-06-16
Mindful journaling 2016-06-15
Helium: A floating browser window for video on macOS OS X 2016-06-14
5 word WWDC Keynote 2016 review 2016-06-13
WWDC 2016 Keynote wishlist 2016-06-12
On keeping a life GPA 2016-06-11
Movie: The Nice Guys 2016-06-10
Uber in Advance 2016-06-09
The new new App Store 2016-06-08
Dear new Nest CEO 2016-06-07
MacBook Pro rumored OLED keyboard screen: 2016-06-06
OmniDiskSweeper 2016-06-05
Sacrifice it is not 2016-06-04
Siri on the spotlight 2016-06-03
Bots, what are there good for? 2016-06-02
Twitter forever 2016-06-02
Title: A new Macbook Pro 2016-06-01
On writing everyday — in May 2016-05-31
On tracking poop and sleep 2016-05-30
Hide visually triggering apps from your homescreen 2016-05-29
Audiobook: Bossypants by Tina Fey 2016-05-28
New links page 2016-05-27
Blendle: pay-per-article service is worth a look 2016-05-26
Friction vs bankruptcy in productivity flow 2016-05-25
Pebble Time 2 2016-05-24
Archangel Comic 2016-05-23
Thanks for nothing and everything 2016-05-23
Stickies: Best kept Mac secret app 2016-05-22
Book: Up the Organization by Robert C. Townsend 2016-05-21
Content apps update 2016-05-20
On organizing project folders 2016-05-19
5 word reviews of Google I/O 2016-05-18
Apple’s walled garden has no speakers 2016-05-17
Keyboard shortcuts for bookmarklets in Safari 2016-05-16
Wavering confidence 2016-05-15
Debugging is as fun as editing 2016-05-14
Weekly News and Links 2016-05-13
Send to LaunchBar: Chrome Extension 2016-05-12
Bookmarklets for text manipulation — LaunchBar edition 2016-05-11
Book: Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson 2016-05-10
Update on 5:2 Diet 2016-05-09
New Gadget: Canon PIXMA PRO-100 2016-05-08
Audiobook: We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider 2016-05-07
Weekly news and links 2016-05-06
Homescreen Apps: Carbo 2016-05-05
Make time for time 2016-05-04
Update: On empty content apps 2016-05-03
Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams 2016-05-02
Nothing says I♥U as 123 2016-05-01
Projects are not born 2016-04-25
Cutting back on empty content apps 2016-04-19
Original content in music services 2016-04-15
When in doubt, TK it 2016-04-11
On the Amazon Pebble 2016-04-06
My top 10 Apple products 2016-04-02
My current and upcoming backup plan 2016-03-31
Homescreen 2 folder iconography 2016-03-30
On music and playlists (Part 3) 2016-03-29
A twitter is worth a thousand contact us forms 2016-03-28
On plans and execution 2016-03-25
On artificial goodbyes 2016-03-24
On the multifaceted characteristics of cold showers 2016-03-23
On minimalism not being optimal. 2016-03-22
On the fun of learning 2016-03-22
5 word reviews of today’s Apple event 2016-03-21
Happy Birthday Twitter 2016-03-21
On Selfish Empathy 2016-03-18
My Setup: Media Boxes 2016-03-17
108 minutes 2016-03-16
It can’t be only Tuesday 2016-03-15
It’s a Monday. 2016-03-14
Sorry for the repeated articles in the feed 2016-03-14
Family Day 2016-03-13
Basically Free Data 2016-03-12
MIA ✈︎ CCS 2016-03-11
Saved Links 2016-03-10
Ulysses Mobile 2016-03-09
YADE – Yet Another Diet Experiment 2016-03-09
Venezuelan food truck (I'm basically doing a cheat year) 2016-03-08
→ SelfControl 2016-03-08
On Relevant News (or Being News Relevant) 2016-03-07
Weekend Links 2016-03-06
Audiobook: Creativity, Inc. 2016-03-05
Links for Friday, March 4 2016-03-04
Markdown Textshot Bookmarklet 2016-03-03
On Criticizing Without Creation 2016-03-02
Quick Review: Roost Laptop Stand 2016-03-01
The Setup: Mac at Work Apps 2016-02-26
Two Month Review: Late 2015 Person Mini 2016-02-14
Migrating from Ghost to Blot 2016-02-12
On Here I Write 2016-02-08
techcrunch. 2016-01-01
The Call from +58 2015-11-22
Collaboration is process. Not a feature. 2015-10-22
Overcast 2 and the Burden of Patronage 2015-10-09
Quick Logging Input/Output Daily 2015-10-08
On music and playlists (Part 2) 2015-08-18
On my favorite audiobooks 2015-07-27
On (lack of) patience 2015-07-06
On understanding the news 2015-07-05
On music and playlists 2015-07-04
Eight months with the Kindle Voyager 2015-07-03
An hour with the Kindle Voyage 2014-11-29
I’m enjoying the #Homescreen App 2014-11-25
I’ve Made a Huge Tiny Mistake 2014-11-23
Unsettled Six 2014-10-29
Snorkeling at Work 2014-09-03
… and we are back 2014-08-31
Ping Time Interval 2013-11-29
Renew DHCP from the Terminal 2013-11-28
I’m Back. 2013-11-27
Login and Socialize 2013-05-24
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All New Theme, Same Old Me 2013-02-25
On the Empty Inbox 2013-02-21
Broken Workflow, Better Tasks 2013-02-04
The Lines, Circles and Helixes of Time 2013-01-27
Ellipsis Interrupted #2 2012-10-19
Ellipsis Interrupted #1 2012-10-19
In case of Emergency: Break Text File 2012-09-03
Hola Opera. Como vai, tudo Bem? 2012-08-03
Bye Aba, Love You 2012-04-10
Accessibility and Explaining Yourself 2012-03-23
Unrequited Millionth of a Dollar Business Idea 2012-03-21
They’re Just Cards, You Need to Add The Business 2012-03-19
Contexts in OmniFocus (I’m sorry Taskpaper) 2012-03-14
Looking Good on Paper 2012-03-06
Reading Along the Way 2012-02-08
Blinded by Lack of Light 2012-01-31
42 Things You Shouldn’t Say on a First Date 2012-01-26
Dancing for the Non-Believers 2012-01-23
On Beijing, Shanghai, and a Train in Between 2012-01-19
How to Deal With Tech Gifts from Non-Geeks 2011-12-22
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India 2011-11-13
A Week in Singapore 2011-10-31
Weekend Planes 2011-10-24
Cape Town 2011-10-19
In Which the Train Never Arrives to Cape Town 2011-10-15
Have you met Johannesburg? 2011-10-12
Farewell to the Chief 2011-10-06
Leavin’ on a Jet Plane, Will be Back in 80 days 2011-10-02
We Drove Drunk (I am sorry) 2011-09-27
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Would Gulliver have had a Blog? 2011-09-17
On Sharing Yourself 2011-09-17
Don’t make iMessage as easy as FaceTime 2011-09-07
Welcome to Norway! 2011-07-25
Partly Cloudy 2011-07-15
New Theme 2011-07-14
Choose Sound Output Device on a Mac 2011-07-06
Keyboard Shortcuts for Bookmarklet on Google Chrome 2011-06-17
The iPod - Reloaded 2011-06-14
Mac Geeks: The Lusers Have Breached the Walls 2011-06-08
Twitter, tear down this #BBM! 2011-06-05
Removing 1-step from my Quix and Instapaper workflow 2011-05-26
Old Apple Press Releases 2011-05-02
Dropbox Apps: Pick a Damn Folder Already! 2011-04-23
Online is a state of mind 2011-04-15
Kids, Take Note 2011-04-04
On Netiquette and Dating 2011-02-22
Egypt Offline: We’re So Full of It 2011-01-28
From MessagePad to iPad: A Love Story 2011-01-27
Online Collaboration With Humans (i.e. non-geeks) 2011-01-26
Kill BBM - Part Uno (@Twitter) 2011-01-25
More Relevant Gmail Inbox In 3 Filters 2011-01-24
International (US) Number with Google Voice and Stanacard 2011-01-21
My Mac App Store Day One 2011-01-10
The Story of Mustang and Bullet (my MacBook Air review) 2010-11-12
Break Mac in Case of Emergency, A Theft Checklist 2010-11-09
Single App Mode Retry 2010-11-03
Sparrow is a minimalist mail application for Mac. It was designed to keep things simple and efficient. No fancy stuff here… just… 2010-10-04
Reeder for Mac in Development 2010-09-20
Taking a trip. iPad and Kindle are all packed up. 2010-08-11
BlackBerry Data Is (Not?) Secure 2010-08-04
The new Magic Trackpad 2010-07-27
Apple Donates MacPaint Source Code To Computer History Museum 2010-07-20
iPhone 4: El mejor peor iPhone 2010-07-17
Flock and Opera Browsers Release Betas 2010-06-16
iPad Accessories, Part Uno 2010-06-07
It’s here. 2010-06-01
My backpacking iPhone apps list 2010-04-23
A month-in-a-post 2010-04-22
Farewell to Opera 2010-03-23
SNAP (Socialist Network Access Provider) 2010-03-15
The iPad is a disturbance in the Apple Store 2010-03-10
Apple iPad Ad - TV Spot. 2010-03-08
Shaun Inman’s “Mimeo and the Kleptopus King” 2010-02-24
Readings highlighter 2010-02-23
#FreeWebVe will be a trending topic soon 2010-02-17
Quix: the next best thing to command bar browsing 2010-02-09
I recently found out from Neven Mrgan that you could put your iPhone in a plastic bag, and still use it like normal. 2010-02-04
Obligatory iPad brainfart 2010-02-01
More blah than awe. 2010-01-27
My Kindle 2 review (before the reality distortion field) 2010-01-26
The Cloud as a filesystem, not an OS 2010-01-19
iPhonesque Sony ad from 1964 2010-01-11
Na’vi is the new Klingon 2009-12-21
Sh.rt are the new 2009-12-16
Droplr is a quick and easy way to share files on the Mac 2009-12-16
Deconstructing the Publishing Houses stupidity 2009-12-11
Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader review roundup 2009-12-07
Quick guide for picking the best chart depending of what you want to show with the data. 2009-11-29
The death of the printed book is closer than you think 2009-11-27
Bookmarklets for text manipulation 2009-11-27
Interact with Twitter during presentations 2009-11-26
“So I bought it, but I bought it, for the first time, with misgivings.” 2009-11-19
Regarding eReaders and eBooks 2009-11-16
5 word reviews of Apple’s updates 2009-10-20
In App Purchases 2009-10-15
I have seen somebody who has seen the future 2009-10-15
Fix Apple remote issues with Snow Leopard 2009-10-07
The link blog 2009-09-22
How Barbara Streisand and her cat defend #FreeMediaVe 2009-08-11
Careful Apple, you’re becoming an Oppressor 2009-07-30
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Episode IV: A new blog engine 2009-07-26
All of this has happened before, and I will watch it again 2009-03-22
All your screens belong to the browser 2009-03-18
iPhone 3.0 preview thoughts 2009-03-17
iTV killed the cable box 2008-11-02
HTC Dream seems like a Snooze 2008-09-22
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