May 26, 2016

Blendle: pay-per-article service is worth a look

I don’t know if Blendle is the future of magazines, but without a doubt it’s a future.

With today’s release of the iOS app, the shortcomings of the mobile web version are gone. Not only that, the App shines on the iPad. It’s fast, simple and very respectful of the print versions of the articles.

I added $10 to my account to see how much I can stretch it. I’m a bit concerned that the cheapo in me will start counting pennies and be too selective when opening articles. But after just one day of using it, I’m starting to value not seeing ads every other page — even on paid apps 1.

  1. I’m looking at you Economist Espresso.

Micropayment Publishing
May 25, 2016

Friction vs bankruptcy in productivity flow

Hello, my name is Roberto and I’m a productivity appcoholic.

There’s no denying that I constantly hide procrastination behind switching tools so I have a semblance of getting something done that day.

That said, sometimes it’s ok to declare productivity bankruptcy and move on to a new setup.

Roles and tasks change, and allowing friction with changing tasks is a good way to prioritize and apply your bag of tricks to new problems. But sometimes the whole environment changes so much that is your bag of tricks that need changing.

This week I returned to an old friend: Omnifocus. The combination of Apple Reminders, Fantastical and Trello that had ruled my life for the first quarter of the year, stopped making sense.

My tasks have gradually changed over the past few weeks. With the new site launched 1, the intensity of the team sprints and scrumb planning have decreased. I don’t talk to developers every few hours, rather wait for weekly meetings or even send emails to them. The increased friction of keeping everything in Trello did not justify the time and effort — since there’s minimal collaboration in the new ongoing tasks.

So it’s time for a change. Rather than clear big objectives, I now have many small tasks. Time to put the hammer away and bring out the drill with dozens of bits. It’s what’s needed to get the job done today.

  1. Now is a good time to invite your Latin friends to try

May 24, 2016

I need to finish my Pebble Time review, but the short version is that the Pebble Time is a better watch than the Apple Watch. And since the Apple Watch not at great smartwatch, then the Pebble pragmatically wins.

Or at least this is what I told myself when I preordered the Pebble Time 2 on Kickstarter today.

May 23, 2016

Thanks for nothing and everything

Earlier today my best friend’s parents had a sadly common Caracas scare: armed thugs entered the house to rob them; tied them up and proceed to threat them with guns to say where the items of value were hidden (not even thiefs want Venezuelan cash anymore).

Luckily, the police arrived quickly and the criminals escaped without a hostage situation.

I’m now going to bed sad, because of how happy I was that they were both ok. It’s not always the case.

Still, how buried underground the bar has to be, when you actually tell your friend that you’re grateful that — other than his mom being freaked out and probably traumatized — everyone is ok.

I worry of how far my standards have fallen. And I’m in the relative near-mythical state of comfort in Miami. What other shitty kind of things are Venezuelans being grateful for everyday?

Venezuela Personal
May 23, 2016

Just started Archangel by William Gibson. It’s really good. May even go and buy the printed edition.