31 August 2014

So that’s it, a duct tape post to connect the past to the present. I could promise to write about the move from tumblr to Silvrback, or leaving 5typos.net behind for rmateu.com, but I don’t think I will.

Short version: this blog is now an archive. See you after the click.

29 November 2013
Ping Time Interval

Another duh tip for the terminal. But if you want to increase the wait time between pings to 60 seconds, just:

ping -i 60

Why? well, let’s just say that my internet connection is dependable, but not reliable, so it sometimes goes offline throughout the day.

Since I always have a terminal window open on my bottom right side of the screen, I just leave the above command running during the day in one of the tabs and it gives me an idea if bandwidth is failing, or if I’m just offline.

Just could do the same with the default 1s, but I like glancing and having minutes as the relative unit of measurement.

29 November 2013

My preferred Dropbox client just went freemium.

Boxie has a bunch of Pro features vs. the official Dropbox one, but the killer one for me is the ability to sort folders by date.

If you use Dropbox intensely as I do, it’s highly recommended.

28 November 2013
Renew DHCP from the Terminal

My MacBook Pro’s internet has been acting up every time it wakes from sleep. It loses the network configuration and I get the WiFi with exclamation point icon.

Without time for real debugging, I noticed that clicking Renew DHCP Lease under System Preferences › Network › Advanced… › TCP/IP would fix the issue. However, getting there after each wake-up was very ungeeky of me.

A quick search turned up a way to do it from the terminal, then just open up ~/.bash_profile, and add:

alias dhcp-renew='echo "add State:/Network/Interface/en0/RefreshConfiguration temporary" | sudo scutil'

Now, I do a ⌘+tab for the always open terminal window, type in dhcp-renew and password — if I have not authenticated in a while — and boom, all is right with the internet.

Menubar Internet and Terminal

I’m attributing this to a Mavericks bug[1], and hope that a 10.9.1 squashes this, but in the meantime it’s a quick fix that can be useful in other situations.

  1. @tukeke told me he’s suffering this on his brand new MBP also.  ↩

27 November 2013
I’m Back.

What a year. At least in the analog world. Mucho changes, and still more to come.
But now I’m back, for the nth time. I missed you too.

27 June 2013

My budy Nav:

With the new iOS7, I feel designers won’t be able to rely much on pixel skills and will have to really understand how interactions create experiences that stand out and delight. This is scary to me.

Creative people have a very fine line between being scared and hyperactive with ideas.

I expect great things.

24 May 2013
Login and Socialize

Much have been said about our inability to unglue ourselves from any screen and interact with surrounding humans, nature, or approaching buses.

I won’t argue against this.

However, I’m typing this after finding a killer album on the music library of a friend in Singapore. Later —now for you— I’ll post this on my blog and 2 or 3 people will read it. A Facebook post will probably get me a few more courtesy likes – most of them from another time zone. Throw in a tweet, and a few hundred more people will be exposed to the title of my nonsense.

Yes, we are shallow and with the attention span of a mosquito. But no, we are’t anti-social. We are hypersocial1. Projecting our lives online and creating a narrative out of them — real or fake, that’s another matter.

Maybe our kids will look at our online profiles with the same horror as I do at disco fashion. But it doesn’t matter, they weren’t going to follow us either way.

  1. Maybe we have hypersocialnetworkability? Putting it here just to see if Google indexes it. 

20 May 2013

Dave Winer on My one talk with Marissa Mayer :

All this is to say that the promises execs make on acquisitions are meaningless. They own the thing, they will do what they want to with it.

I’ve been planning on leaving Tumblr for some time, mainly because I only want a blog, not the social stuff. And I’m still hopeful that something cool will come out of this, however, as Marco Arment says:

On a long enough timescale, Dave Winer is usually proven right.