June 23, 2016

Find your own quote

I’ve been playing with the concepts of the five minute journal, and one of the elements is the daily inspirational quote. Of course I quickly went down a rabbit hole of automating a daily quote among the many available sites.

But for the next week I’m going to try finding my own quotable thought from something I’ve read.

Just one day into the exercise, I like where it’s taking me. It changes the way I skim articles during the day, and makes me more selective on what I’m reading if I haven’t found today’s quote.

With that said, here’s the one for today:

[…] there are dot-com people and there are web people.

Megnut — I’ve been thinking a lot

June 23, 2016

What’s my meta-theme?

Michael Pollan talked about his meta-theme or topic on a podcast with Alec Baldwin.

He mentioned realizing his arch-theme on all books was about human’s relationship with nature.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I heard it last week. My simplistic theme has always been about being geek. But there’s more to it — probably related to digital tools and how to use them efficiently.

Will struggle with it some more to get at something more coherent.

June 21, 2016

Sonos Lock-Screen and Now Playing support

Seems I joined just in time so wouldn’t have to wait for lock-screen and now playing to be introduced. Sonos iOS 6.3

With just a few days, the lack of easy play/pause/next from the iPhone screen was a bit uncomfortable. Never mind that it didn’t allow the Apple Watch to control the music1.

Today’s update makes the muscle memory of going to the lock-screen or pulling up control center to act on music useful again.

  1. Not that it mattered, since the Pebble has a few apps for that. I’m using ZP Controller without any issues.

Music Gadget
June 20, 2016

Review: Abomination by Gary Whitta


Very surprised how much I enjoyed this book. Unlike Sci-Fi, fantasy is very hit-or-miss with me, but Abomination was a page turner.

I was skeptical about gruesomeness some mentioned on the reviews, but it played its part and didn’t distract from the story.

If you like fantasy and want a fun summer weekend read, you won’t get bored with Abomination by Gary Whitta

Review Book
June 19, 2016

Father’s day surprise: Sonos Play:1

Ana and Robie surprise me with a Sonos Play:1 today… and boy does it sound great.

Sonos Play:1Sonos Play:1

Knowing the extremely picky tech buyer I am, Ana also made it clear that we can return it. Been playing with it all afternoon, it really is a well designed and great sounding speaker.

Will play with it a few weeks, but it sure looks like a new member of the family1.

  1. Overcast/Podcast support is the only obvious thing missing for me now, will see how big of a deal it is.

June 18, 2016

Gotta teach them while they’re young…

We bended the rules a little and watched some TV during lunch today1.

  1. Tuesday’s The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2016, With Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi

Apple Podcast Snippet