February 4, 2022

The Long Way Back to the Same Place

The possibility of connecting Shortcuts to Obsidian sent me down a rabbit hole of moving this blog’s content creation from Drafts to Obsidian. Of course, I redid all bookmarklets and Shortcuts which grab links and quotes for them to open in Obsidian now.

All worked great, until… mobile. While Obsidian on the Desktop is a joy to use, on iOS it’s workable. Since I use iCloud as the sync engine — not sure if the same thing happens on their own sync — any time I could start on the app, you can be sure that it will take a few seconds to sync existing files. This is a pain for appends, because it usually means the new content can be lost.

And now I’m at the point in which the grass was greener on my original side of the fence. Will give it another week before I break everything again. Setting up separate configs for Desktop and Mobile in Obsidian seem like a good next step. I’m going to break that next.

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