October 5, 2022

Hyperkey.app is Now Free


Convert the caps lock key or any modifier keys to the hyper key, all four modifiers combined: ⌃⌥⌘⇧

Ryan Hanson on reddit:

[…] I’ve decided to make my single-purpose hyper key remapping app, Hyperkey, free! For everyone that purchased it in the past, thank you for your support! You can obtain a coupon code for my pro” version, called Superkey, from within Hyperkey if you purchased it

On Superkey:

Superkey has all of Hyperkey, and its main feature is called Seek, where you can type in a search bar and it will use OCR to scan the screen for matches. You can select a match and use the keyboard to click (or right click, double click, middle click, etc). Personally, I remap caps lock to Seek and make it so it clicks when I release caps lock. This makes using Seek feel quick like executing a keyboard shortcut.

There’s a lot of power there, but I’m still wrapping my mind around it.

I wrote about Hyperkey before, and it changed how I used my Mac. I started using Karabiner last year because of a weird bug with my Bluetooth keyboard. But the simplicity of Hyperkey is unmatched. Highly recommended, specially now that it’s free.


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