December 22, 2022

Myke Hurley Daily Singular Word Prompts

Myke Hurley, on Cortex #136

The thing system journal there’s a section where you can write a bunch of prompts down and mark off each day if you succeed in them. […] they are singular words, I’d like to interpret it however I like, and decide if I made effort in them. They are:

  • Create
  • Advanced
  • Revenue
  • Teamwork
  • Marriage
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Freetime
  • Structure
  • Homes

[…] I look at each of these every day and think did I make some movement in each of these categories

Really like these. Revisiting some of my comcom habits (which didn’t work as well as expected), and converting them to something like this. At first pass, these are the ones I started with:

Decide, Friends, Body, Maintenance, Marriage, Present, Quiet, Read, Start, Walk, Write.

Lets give it a few days.


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