January 23, 2023

Everything is Mac-Wonderful Now

Last week’s Apple’s newish style of press-release and pomodoro keynote combo introduced updated MacBook Pro 16in, 14in and Mac mini. All three available with new generation M2 chips.

A late 2022 release — video URL path seem to indicate so — pushed to 2023. On paper, just a yearly release.

But for someone who watched in horror as every release after the 2015 MacBook Pro’s one, make the Pro laptop’s aspiration vanish, and just hold tight to my current model. This, just an update, is the most wonderful news.

As a Mac buyer, the current, previous, and used lineup is all good news:

  • The M2 Macs, including the MacBook Air are amazing.
  • The previous generation M1 versions of the same devices1, available with discounts, are also plenty fast. Even the current M1 versions of iMacs are really good2.
  • Any of the above, in a good used configuration, will likely have good savings and be a useful device for a long time.

After the darkest timeline detour of 2016-2020, the last 3 years bring a smile to my face.

  1. Let’s ignore the 13in MBP with Touch-Bar. Not a bad device, just the only M1 version that I would question buying today.↩︎

  2. True that I would likely wait for a M3(?), but not-the-latest-and-greatest is my sickness, and I don’t suggest anyone else embrace it.↩︎

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