January 30, 2023

Loud Enough so Everyone can Read Me

I can never make dictation work for writing. Since iOS 15 the technology is good enough that blaming errors is a cheap excuse. it’s great for sending messages and such. I even manage to write a couple of Day One entries a week with it. But as a way to create a good first shitty draft… I constantly fail.

For whatever reason, the speed of narration doesn’t work for me. It’s too fast. I need the friction of the keyword.

During the pandemic, I wrote many morning pages on 3x5 blank index cards, which then I would dictate them into Day One. Reading works fine. But coming up with the ideas on-the-fly is were I struggle.

I’ll experiment yet again with dictation this month. At some point I’ll have difficulty finding time for writing, and talking to my phone will seem like the magical solutions. A few different things to test:

  • Sending a voice note to myself with the ideas.
  • Dictate in Spanish and then translating.
  • Writing the outline of the post and then dictating from there.
  • The inverse, writing out free flow of thoughts1, and narrating what I pick of that.

  1. Been curious about reverse-outlining ever since I reading about it on this tweet.↩︎

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