February 22, 2023

Prefix Dates of our Lives

For two years I used Julian date format (2023d53) for my notes — both physical and digital. Last week I switched to what I call bizformat (23.02.22).

On this blog, I still use ISO 8601 (2023-02-22) as a prefix for all markdown files. In part because it’s what blot uses, but mostly because for over 15 years of posts, it has proven the easiest way to maintain them. Even after a couple of migrations.

While the day of year format worked really well most of that time, over the past month I’ve gotten lost translating between the formats. My thinking is that current projects have bigger external dependencies, and dates have become more important.

I may add a day of week going forward (23.02.22 Wed), but for now the new format is working pretty well.

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